Essentia Natural Memory Foam

1799 Fourth Street D
Berkeley, CA 94710

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Daily 10-6

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Memory foam mattress or latex mattress, comfort or health? You no longer have to choose because Essentia makes the only latex memory foam mattresses in the World and they’re now in Berkeley. It’s a latex foam mattress, made from rubber tree sap, that feels like a memory foam mattress.

Organic mattresses in Berkeley are missing one key attribute, pressure relief. Since all organic mattresses rely on softer latex foam or wool for pressure relief they all provide roughly the same level of comfort. Memory foam mattresses are renowned for their comfort and pressure relieving qualities. Used by healthcare institutions worldwide, these mattresses are as pressure relieving as they come. The downfall to memory foam mattresses are their lack of breathability and chemical composition.

Essentia natural memory foam is tested by Columbia Labs. They don’t sleep hot and provide the world renown pressure reliving benefits of memory foam which leads to better blood circulation, less tossing and turning, optimal support and spinal alignment.

Organic mattresses / latex mattresses brought to a whole other level, that’s Essentia.