1799C Fourth Street
Berkeley, CA 94710

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Daily 10-6

For more than 30 years Mephisto’s goal has been the same: to create and manufacture the world’s finest walking shoes. True to its heritage, Mephisto shoes are designed and built to be perfect. That is the reason they utilize more than 140 different operations and take more than 90 minutes to manufacture a single pair.

The process starts with the search for the best leathers. Mephisto chooses skins individually and specifically for every type of shoes. They then cut each pair with either a water jet machine or cutting knifes and a power press. Shoes go through quality control step. Each pair is checked from 7-9 times during the manufacturing process. They meticulously stitch the leather together and then piece it together with the upper part of the shoe.

Every pair of shoes is put on a last to condition it for comfort. They assemble the shoe by putting it together, the rubber sole with the upper, by using special glues. They then add a latex foam midsole to provide your feet with a comfortable footbed between the upper and the outsole.

The outsole is then stitched; a genuine Mephisto mark of quality.