SHOH Gallery

700 Gilman Street
Berkeley, CA 94710

(510) 504-0011



Thursday to Saturday 12-5

*** Moved to 700 Gilman Street ***

SHOH is an intimate gallery showcasing the fine arts of the San Francisco Bay Area. SHOH Gallery thinks of themselves as advocates for both the artists who show at their space and those who love, support and collect art. Their job is to assist in helping the right works find the right collectors and helping to start new relationships between artists and art lovers.

That said they have a deep commitment to supporting the creative process, the artists’ individual voices and visions and the Bay Area arts’ scene as a whole. It is their belief that every interaction has the potential to be positive, fulfilling and inspiring for everyone involved. This commitment is paramount in each and every one of their goals. SHOH is a labor of love.

The San Francisco Bay Area is diverse in styles, perceptions, cultures and ideas. For all of the region’s beautiful, energizing differences, as a whole, it makes up one of the richest, most vibrant communities in the world.

SHOH Gallery looks forward to sharing that with you.